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Kathryn Lee has held a variety of teaching positions in New England and abroad since earning her BA in Visual Arts from Bowdoin College in 2003. Her personal work focuses on photography, design and makerspace fabrication, although her teaching responsibilities cover a wide range of subject matter, from 6th Grade Art, all the way up to AP Studio Art in the Upper School. Kathryn’s greatest strength is the passion she brings to the classroom, helping to cultivate a creatively rich and nurturing environment for her students. She places a high value on a student/teacher relationship that fosters communication and mutual respect, encouraging personal growth and exploration as a measure of accomplishment. She additionally promotes creative thinking and problem solving among her students, for application both within and beyond the classroom, providing cross-curriculum learning opportunities and lifelong skills. Kathryn inspires her students to see art as a skill that can not only be learned but can also be applied to all aspects of life. 


Kathryn currently lives in the Boston area with her husband and two daughters. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, cooking and exploring the world with her camera. 


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