Kathryn Lemay’s photography displays the quiet beauty of her subject matter through rich shadows and brilliant moments of light. Often, her work captures odd formations, unexpected juxtaposition and unique patterns and textures of the untouched world around her. As complex as some of the compositions are, the images consistently achieve a level of calmness through a small depth of field and acute attention to how light and shadow accentuate the compelling nature of the subject matter. The results are stunning depictions of just how intricate life is, while emphasizing the subtle moments of unfiltered artistic beauty.

Although Kathryn primarily shoots with film, her negatives are scanned to create rich digital prints on archival rag paper. Both traditional and digital work uses minimal manipulations to achieve its finished look, truly capturing how the artist views her world.

Kathryn currently teaches and lives in Rhode Island.
For more information please email lemay@kathrynlemay.com.